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    A professional notary will travel to you saving you the time and hassle of making a trip to the notary’s office. There are a wide variety of legal documents that need notarized, from escrow accounts to contracts opening a new business, and having a notary able to come to you makes getting documents verified that much easier. Instead of coordinating getting multiple people into an off-site office to finish a contract, bringing the notary to your office means you can complete your legal documents on your timeline. Mobile notary services are fast, easy, and convenient, while still giving you the quality, professional results you require.

    Mobile Notary Services for the San Diego Area

    Do you need a document notarized on the go and can’t make it into one of our offices? We offer mobile notary services to help suit your needs in San Diego.

    Fast Easy Professional

    As a Mobile Notary Services Public, I travel to you for your convenience at a location you specify. My fee is reasonable and competitive. Fees are set considering time spent traveling to and from the location of the appointment, estimated the length of the appointment plus the regular fee charge in the state of California. I offer a high-quality service which ensures repeat customers. My customers deserve punctuality and courteous service in a professional manner.

    If you need a letter or other form notarized, the licensed professionals at our Services can help you notarize your collection of documents.

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