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1. What is a notary public?

As per the National Notary Association, a notary public is a state-appointed official who witnesses the signing of essential documents and administers oaths.

2. What does a notary public notarize?

A notary public notarizes any document in which the signer’s honesty is required by the original. A notary public ensures that the signer is who they say they are and signs willingly and knowingly—this procedure aids in the prevention of fraudulent document execution.

3. How does a notary verify the identity of the signer?

A notary will ask a signer for a document that has a photograph, signature, and some information about the person, such as a driver’s license or government-issued identification card.

4. Can a Notary Public prepare or assist in the preparation of any documents?

No, a notary public can only witness the signing of documents and cannot help or prepare them. It would be an illegal practice of law to assist or design documents. This preserves the notary’s role as an unbiased witness to the signature.

5. Can a notary certify a copy of a document?

Although state laws may differ, in general, no. The requestor should go to the local office with these documents, such as the county clerk, for documentation of vital records such as birth certificates and marriage certificates. A notary may certify a copy in some limited circumstances, but it is best to check with your state’s notary.

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